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The Global Citizen is the first Singapore-based social enterprise that aims to bridge the gap in co-curricular education.

Established in 2015, The Global Citizen uses a service subsidization model to lower the barriers of entry for young people to actualize their role as global citizens in an increasingly sophisticated world. By capitalizing on the benefits of experiential learning through programs such as global citizenship camps and debate, The Global Citizen equips students with essential 21st century competencies, and imbues a genuine sense of global responsibility as well as civic mindedness. Our mission is to nurture global citizens who will make positive contributions to the community around them and innovate the world we live in.

Today, The Global Citizen has expanded its range of services to provide students from across East Asia with a holistic brand of education. This includes skills like public speaking, persuasive oratory, diplomacy techniques, independent learning methods, research, writing, and many more.

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