A step forward to excelling on entrance exams

Drawing on our innovative curriculum designed by top SAT/ACT scorers, The Global Citizen offers SAT/ACT preparatory courses. We believe in the “3T” approach: testing students to locate their weaknesses, teaching them the most relevant materials which addresses their weak spots, and training them to ensure confidence on test day.

The Global Citizen experience offers unique advantages, including:

  • All of our tutors have recently scored in the top 1% of test-takers themselves.

  • Our tutor-mentor system: each student is assigned both a tutor and mentor. While a tutor teaches a student material, a student's mentor will track his or her overall progress, analyse the results of his or her practice tests, and identify areas for them to improve upon. We keep our tutors accountable, while our mentors remain a familiar face for their students throughout the entire SAT/ACT process.

  • Each student's performance is measured through Arete, our proprietary software, which generates reports on a student's progress, and identifies strengths and weaknesses.

The Global Citizen offers both private and group classes at affordable prices, and every student will receive a complimentary diagnostic test accompanied by a 30-minutes feedback session and a detailed Arete report prior to enrolment. 

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