Chief Marketing Officer

Maria is one of the lucky few who benefited from an international education from a young age. Growing up, she attended bilingual French and English schools and even lived abroad in China where she picked up Mandarin. After moving to Singapore to become an Environmental Studies major at Yale-NUS College, Maria continued to study the interconnectivity between foreign policy and environmental issues. Most recently, she spent a summer in Kazakhstan studying energy management. Thus, it is no surprise that she is passionate about introducing new and diverse cultures to students in the same way that she experienced them as a young student.


She also enjoys building relationships from people all over the world, and has discovered a passion for marketing. After an internship in a marketing consultancy, she realised she loves thinking about the intersection of brand, business and research – and how each of these impacts consumers. She excited to bring her marketing expertise to the Global Citizen’s team, and help students get excited about the co-curriculars that we offer. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding and hiking.

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