Leaving lasting impressions

As universities become more interested in getting to know their applications beyond the paperwork, the interview has become a definitive moment of the university admissions process. Through our subsidiary company, the Impressionist, we empower students with critical interview skills necessary for success. By drawing on a thematic and scenario-based approach, our dynamic mentors build students’ confidence, perfect their body language, and teach them how to communicate their motivations persuasively.

Students will also have the opportunity to hone their newly acquired skills in a series of practice sessions, all of which can be conducted individually or in group setting. Impressionists has helped many students during interviews to Ivy League schools as well as Oxbridge. Locally, we have a stellar record of helping students obtain offers from their choice university, whether it is Yale-NUS College, NUS Medicine, or SMU Business or Law.

To find out more about how you can ace the college interview from the Impressionist, click here.

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