Eileen CHONG

Currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Security and her love of kimchi at Yonsei University in Korea, there is a no doubt that Eileen is a true global affairs buff. She graduated from Peking University, China in 2015 where her interest in East Asian issues led her to travel urban and rural China over the course of 4 years. During which, she also interned at the Singapore embassies in Washington DC, USA and Seoul, Korea as part of her scholarship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These experiences have led her to realize the importance of cultural context in everyday life. Hence, she is determined to understand each country’s society in addition to its politics and foreign policy. Her most exciting travel-adventure however was her week-long foray into the heart of Pyongyang, North Korea.

On her journey to become a global citizen, Eileen has mastered three languages and is pursuing her fourth this year, adding German to her impressive list of linguistic skills. She excitingly awaits her career as a diplomat after graduation, and hopes to impart some of the knowledge she has acquired to the next generation of leaders through the various programs offered at The Global Citizen. However, she believes that food is the best representation of cultural history which is how she justifies her many food tours across whichever city or country she finds herself in.

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