Creative Designer

A ‘design unicorn’ is an exclusive term reserved for a talented few who not only possess a keen eye for aesthetics, but can also master coding and other tech related skills. Chang-Ming happens to be one of them.

A tech-savvy creative with almost four years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Paint Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro experience, Chang-Ming aspires to be anchored to the rock, but geared to the times. As such, she continuously seeks to upgrade her skill set but this is not limited to design. In her free time, she self-learns coding and Japanese while balancing her studies at the National University of Singapore andWaseda University in Japan. This is because she is pursuing a double-degree in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Japanese studies at the latter university.

Besides these, Chang-Ming has been actively involved with numerous community service projects. At age 16, she initiated the Chang Yu Charity Movement for Children which provides extra-curricular guidance to the underprivileged living in Hualian County, Taiwan and in 2015, she co-founded the Chang Yu Charity Foundation. Presently, she continues to give back to the community by devoting her time as Director for Community and Familial Relations and Publicity with the Patient Care Centre and Connect Tuition. By all counts, she is very much the global citizen we all wish to be.

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