The art of persuasion

Simply put, debate is the art of persuasion where teams of students are assigned either side of a motion and tasked with having to represent such arguments to the best of their abilities. In doing so, they develop valuable skills that will better prepare them for further education and their professional careers. These skills include public speaking, critical and strategic thinking, independent learning and cognitive reasoning. Moreover, students have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of topics and current affairs issues that will broaden their understanding of the world around them, as well as their role as global citizens.

As a result of these academic benefits and more, education ministries around the region have been immensely supportive of the teaching and practising of debate. There are numerous competitions in Singapore, and around the world that provide students with the opportunity to pit their skills against their peers and further develop their talents as debaters in the process.

Whether it is a post-exam activity or local tournament, The Global Citizen provides a wide range of debate-related coaching and enrichment classes for primary to university level students, provided by a team of top past and present debaters. We have recently designed AXIOM Series, to train students, teachers, and parents the fundamentals of debate. For more information, or to engage our team get in touch with us at

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